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I focus on the moments of love, joy, and connection, so you can focus on soaking up the good vibes of the day, and keep those memories forever!

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Here's why...


Many Wedding Photographers will be involved in creative planning, and they escort you around the venue after the ceremony and set up lots of different poses to get that editorial look. This is why Weddings often have the "Wedding Tax" added - this is not something that I offer, hence no tax.

The truth is I found after shooting 50+ Weddings that I tend to rush through creative direction, so rather than "posing" people, I found my strong suit is being everywhere ALL THE TIME and capturing events very thoroughly, creatively, but most importantly - candidly. 

Why would you choose me then?


  • You don't want to be taken away from your family and friends for photos. You'd rather the Photographer capture you interacting and celebrating with them!

  • You're confident in your event planning ability and don't want creative input from your Photographer.

  • You want to capture the day organically as it unfolds.

  • You want a very experienced and skilled Photographer to do the job, and produce high quality results, but don't want to pay a Wedding Tax.

  • You want a few simple and sweet couple photos, lots of fun group photos, and plenty of candids.


Finally, the most awesome thing:


I have tech available to be able to provide ALL of your images to you...



beautifully edited and ready to share! I promise you there is no compromise on quality for this service - it’s simply thanks to very helpful technology that I subscribe to that many clients request due to the nature of the work I usually do.

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