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This is everything we need to know to best capture your day. Please copy the following into an email to info@gracemacphotography.com.au with the subject line 'Quiz'. I'll have a read and put all the answers into a plan about 4 weeks before the wedding day, so I'll follow up about 6 weeks out to confirm your answers. Thank you!

Your full name: Your phone number: Fiance's full name: Fiance's phone number: Wedding date: Additional contact on Wedding day (name and number):  Ideal photographer start time and end time: Your getting ready location (exact address):  Fiance's getting ready location (exact address): Ceremony address and specific location: Reception address and specific location: Number of guests in bridal party:  Names of maid of honor/best man: Number of guests expected: Any special notes you'd like to share? i.e. are you wearing your grandmother's garter/ring/dress? Are there any special family traditions, unexpected surprises, choreographed dance number, formal exit, etc.: Any 'would love to have' photos that you'd like to mention: Please detail the timeline of your day: Post ceremony photos typically include family photos, bridal party and newlywed couple photos. Would you like to include all of these: Would you like to add an 'all guest' photo for $80 (free with under 30 guests): Family photos typically include the following... • You and your spouse, with your parents, siblings and grandparents  • You and your spouse, with your parents and siblings • You and your spouse, with your parents • You and your spouse, with both sets of parents • You and your spouse, with your spouse's parents  • You and your spouse, with your spouse's parents and siblings  • You and your spouse, with spouse's parents, siblings and grandparents  Would you like to include all of the above groupings: The names of yours and your Fiance's immediate family members: Are there any special circumstances I should be aware of?i.e. divorces, deaths, illness, disabilities, or any other sensitive matters. Please include how you would like your family pictures taken in light of these particular situations: Is there a particular location in mind for the bridal party/newlywed couple portrait session? (If travel is involved, please remember to allow 45mins for the session, and include the travel time and session time in the day's timeline):

Please list the email addresses of friends and family whom you would like to be notified when your online gallery is published:

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