I'm Grace, the Principal Photographer (regular geek behind the lens). 


For many years Wedding Photography has continued to spark joy for me! The excitement and energy is addictive. I love dashing around like a sneaky camera ninja, getting unique angles, and capturing real, beautiful moments of connection like a fly on the wall, then stepping up to guide you with my creative vision during portraits.

We have a very small number of photographers and videographers in our team, with a cohesive style, and only the coolest personalities (I don't mean fashionable - I mean down to earth, relaxed, with a sense of humour)! One of my greatest values is ensuring that we vibe to help you relax and enjoy your day.

Sometimes I get emotional - I’ve cried listening to speeches, and watching children walk down the aisle. But generally, I smile too much, and sometimes after a long day, I’ll have a sore face. I have a constant supply of adrenaline pumping on a wedding day, so when I’m off the clock I find it helps to burn off some of that energy on the dance floor, and if you offer me a beverage, I’ll take it!

I do mix business with friendship. A lot of my friends have chosen me to be their photographer, and a lot of my clients have chosen me to be their friend. I like to connect on Facebook and keep up to date with milestones, new jobs, birthdays, your proudest business achievements, and give you a glimpse into my life in return.

I’m the smiling, dancing, sneaky ninja, Facebook friending geek behind the lens, and if that’s what you’re after, let's spark some joy together!

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