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For many years Event Photography has continued to spark much joy for me! I love dashing around like a sneaky camera ninja, capturing moments of connection, joy, and engagement like a fly on the wall, intuitively knowing the key photos required, and stepping up to guide subjects with my creative vision when needed.

We have a very small number of photographers in our team, that I call on when my clients ask to assemble the full crew! We have a cohesive style, only the coolest personalities, and are well versed in the requirements of a corporate event! One of my greatest values is ensuring that we vibe so you feel comfortable communicating your needs.

I'm Grace, the Principal Photographer (usual suspect behind the lens). 


Generally, I smile too much at work, and sometimes after a long day, I’ll have a sore face. I tend to smile while I'm taking photos of people, even candids from across the room. It might come as across as creepy, but I'm often pulled over by corporate event guests who seem to be intrigued by my obvious love of my work. I'm often asked if I'm tired as events can mean looooong hours walking around with heavy cameras, but the truth is, it actually energizes me!

FUN FACT: I've been shooting professionally for over 10 years and I run a brand of Camera Bags and Accessories on the side, and also provide mentoring and advice to other Photographers who want to level up their own businesses.

I’m your smiling, sneaky ninja behind the lens, and if that’s what you’re after, let's spark some joy together!

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