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There are a few things that really spark joy for me! One is the buzz of attending an event, dashing around like a sneaky camera ninja, getting cool angles and capturing real moments; the other is the thrill of helping a business create wicked quality images to step up their branding.

Sometimes I get emotional at events - I’ve cried listening to motivational speeches, and watching children walk down the aisle. But generally I smile too much, and sometimes after a long job I’ll have a sore face. I have a constant supply of adrenaline pumping at an event, so when I’m off the clock I find it helps to burn off some of that energy on the dance floor, and if you offer me a beverage, I’ll take it!

When it comes to event photography, I don't get distracted by trying to create 'perfect' images. I’m not that dinosaur of the industry that focuses so much on perfecting all the technical stuff that they lack any creativity and forget that the purpose of photography is to speak to the viewer and evoke a feeling. If an image is a little blurry but still evocative, it’s going into the gallery. Having said that, when it comes to business branding and image content I understand the value of perfection.

I do mix business with friendship. A lot of my friends have chosen me to be their photographer, and a lot of my clients have chosen me to be their friend. I like to connect on Facebook and keep up to date with pregnancies, new jobs, birthdays, your proudest business achievements, and give you a glimpse into my life in return.

I’m the smiling, dance floor tearing, sneaky ninja, creative, Facebook friending geek behind the lens, and if that’s what you’re after...


let’s spark joy for each other!



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